January 2018


Chicago, Illinois; Basel, Switzerland; and London, England- 23 January 2018

Wellspring, a leader in technology transfer software, IPRIS, a top-tier intellectual property (IP) renewals provider and IP Pragmatics, a leading IP consultancy, today announced a formal partnership to provide integrated software and services. The integration marries Wellspring’s enterprise tech transfer and IP software with IPRIS’ and IP Pragmatics’ IP renewal services and software.

The joint offering will provide organizations with a comprehensive solution to support the entire lifecycle of IP management and technology transfer for start-ups, SME’s, universities, and research institutions.

The partnership will deliver patent, trademark and design renewal payments to Wellspring’s global software clients through an integrated renewals system. Moreover, IP Pragmatics will also represent Wellspring as a direct channel partner in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, offering Wellspring software to interested parties in these markets.

Wellspring clients will benefit from access to IPRIS and IP Pragmatics’ renewal expertise, and tech transfer offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand will also have greater access to Wellspring’s software solutions via the IP Pragmatics global consultancy team.

Patent and trademark renewals are critical to safeguarding valuable IP rights, and missing a single renewal deadline can lead to lost protection and severe financial risk. With over 14 years of experience managing renewal payments, IPRIS provides industry-leading assurance standards and expertise. They are trusted by over 200 clients large and small to protect critical patent, design and trademark renewals. IPRIS’ renewals service also includes extensive patent and trademark data verification to identify inaccuracies, confirm due dates, and forecast costs.

IP Pragmatics CEO Dr. Rupert Osborn commented: "IP Pragmatics is proud to partner with Wellspring to address client needs. Wellspring provides the software infrastructure necessary to manage successful technology transfer and IP operations. Our combined services multiply the value of an organization's research activities by providing highly efficient IP management and peace of mind that intellectual assets are protected."

Chairman of the IPRIS board Dr. Bruno Dalle Carbonare commented “We are pleased to partner with Wellspring and offer our leading IP renewals web portal and services to Wellspring clients. IPRIS is pleased to add value to Wellspring’s existing IP software offering by enabling clients to have increased visibility and control of their IP renewals management.”

Dr. Robert Lowe, CEO at Wellspring, added: "With today's announcement, Wellspring clients can easily deal with the complexity of all the global authorities regarding their patent and trademark annuities through one software solution. IPRIS offers the convenience to track and make payments so that organizations do not have to worry about losing protection. Wellspring now more than ever enables our clients to capitalize on their knowledge assets, while safeguarding their intellectual asset value."

About Wellspring

Wellspring is the global leader in technology transfer and technology scouting software. Organizations rely on Wellspring to manage the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of technologies, partners, and investments.

Founded in 2003 as a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support tech scouting, IP protection, commercialization, and licensing of emerging technologies. For more information, please visit


IPRIS founded in 2004 as a spin-off from a university tech transfer office, focuses its activities on the administration and management of intellectual property rights especially the payments of annuity fees but also nationalization and validation of patents

Today IPRIS’ clients include a large number of leading universities through to SMEs across a range of technology related sectors.

About IP Pragmatics

IP Pragmatics is a management consultancy specializing in scientific technologies and intellectual property since 2000. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Scotland and Australia. We also have strategic partners in North America, Japan, South Africa and South Korea.

The company works with universities, research institutes, SMEs, large enterprise and public sector organisations in over 20 countries. For more information, please visit


IP Pragmatics

Global Enquiries:
Ronnie Georghiou
T: +44(0)203 176 0580.

North America Enquiries:
Bansi Pattni
T: +1 (226) 978-0578

Dr. Bruno Dalle Carbonare
T: +41 61 270 88 01

Brad Cain
T: +1 (312) 643-5100

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VAT Rates in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE

From 1 January 2018, our charges in Saudi Arabia will be inclusive of a five percent Value Added Tax. This comes after the release of the VAT regulations in the country on August 29, 2017 and the publication of the VAT Law in July of the same year.

Starting from January 1, 2018, our charges will be inclusive of the new VAT rate in Lebanon, that now stands at 11 percent, up from a level of 10 percent.

Implementation of the VAT in the United Arab Emirates has also been introduced but VAT is unlikely to be applied to non-GCC residents. We expect the remaining GCC countries, namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, to adopt the VAT by January 1, 2019 at the latest. A further update will follow in due course.

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Changes to official fees in the UK

As of 6 April 2018, the UKIPO has implemented a change to its official fees for patent renewals. 

From this date forward, there has been an increase in £10 in the official fee for the 12th year renewal onwards. From the date in question, our charges will change to reflect the new official fee pricing.

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September 2017

Mat Kilbey Joins the IPRIS team in London

IP Pragmatics is pleased to announce that Mat Kilbey has joined the IPRIS team in London.

As part of IP Pragmatics’ and IPRIS AG’s decade long partnership, the IPRIS marketing, sales and customer services team continues to grow to assure expert, responsive customer service and a top-tier web portal that supports IPRIS clients’ globally with their patent, design and trade mark renewal requirements.

Mat is an experienced formalities officer, who joins IP Pragmatics from a leading London law firm and two previous long-term, client facing renewals roles at leading UK and European Patent and Trademark Attorney firms. Mat holds the CITMA and CIPA Administrators Certificates and joins the IPRIS team in London as the Customer Services IP Manager.

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July 2017

June 2017: Fee increases in Argentina

The Argentinian IP Office, INPI, is considering increasing its official fees by 20% on 1 August2017, with a further increase of 20% on 1 October 2017.

February 2017

Meet us at the AUTM Conference in Florida

IPRIS will be attending the AUTM conference in Hollywood, Florida on 12–15 March 2017. We will be exhibiting alongside our global marketing and customer service partner, IP Pragmatics Ltd.

AUTM's more than 3,200 members represent managers of intellectual property from more than 300 universities, research institutions and teaching hospitals around the world as well as numerous businesses and government organizations.

IPRIS are a major IPR renewals provider for universities and research institutes globally and look forward to meeting our current clients at the conference as well as meeting new ones.

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Client-driven improvements to the IPRIS Web Portal

A recent client survey was conducted into the IP renewals service and web portal provided by the partnership of IPRIS and IP Pragmatics. The survey resulted in a number of insightful suggestions from our clients for new features and improved functionality for the IPRIS web portal.

Alongside the IPRIS team, we have been acting on this valuable feedback to implement a range of updates to the IPRIS portal. The first round of these changes will be going live this month with the second round due to be rolled out in February.

The new functionality will enable clients to upload data directly via the portal and gives them greater control over automatic renewals and cost forecasting. IP Pragmatics’ Director of Services, Ronnie Georghiou, says that “both teams are excited about the changes and are looking forward to seeing how they benefit new and existing IPRIS clients”.

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January 2017

Fee increases

The national IP offices for a number of countries announced an increase in fees commencing in January 2017.

Iceland's new regulation on fees for patent, trademarks and designs for adopted by the Minister of Industries and Commerce and entered into force on 1 January 2017.

Turkey announced an increase in the official fees for EP Validation, search and examination, and the annuity maintenance fees for patents and utility models. The fee increase also applied to trademark matters.

The Intellectual Property of the Philippines revised the overall fee structure for IP-related services with a fee increase of up to 20%.

The Belarusian National Centre for Intellectual Property (NCIP) has implemented a new fees structure for registration of various intellectual property types, following Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have also announced fee increases which come into effect this month.

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December 2016

UK confirm intention to ratify UPC Agreement

In November, the UK government confirmed it is proceeding with preparations to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement. The official announcement stated that "the UPC itself is not an EU institution, it is an international patent court and the judiciary appointed include UK judges".

While this is true, it does not address the fact that at present, participants must be members of the EU and that the Court will be subject to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The IP Federation and other parties obtained an opinion from Richard Gordon QC and Tom Pascoe as to whether the UK can remain a part of the UPC system post-Brexit. This opinion suggests that the UK can remain a part of the UPC system provided that certain steps are taken, notably that there should be an agreement involving the EU to give the UPC jurisdiction to refer matters to the CJEU in appropriate cases. The full opinion can be found here.

Update: The UK has subsequently signed the ‘Protocol on Privileges and Immunities of the Unified Patent Court' which is required to allow the UPC to operate in London where a part of the Central Division and a Local Division will be based. The UK IPO has also formed a new project team to work with the UPC Preparatory Committee to bring the UPC into operation as soon as possible.

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November 2016

IPRIS expands services to South Africa

Following the successful expansion of IPRIS in Korea, Australia and New Zealand, the IP Pragmatics team has appointed Lara Spence as the IPRIS Representative for South Africa.

Lara is based in Cape Town and together with the teams in London and Basel, she will help extend IPRIS’ patent, trademark and design renewal services to leading South African universities, research institutes, SMEs and IP firms.

Lara holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry from Rhodes University in South Africa and a Masters degree in the Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary University in London.

She has over eight years’ experience of commercialisation in the life sciences and reagents market; specializing in the fields of molecular biology, medical science, R&D and veterinary science. Lara’s background and experience will be a valuable addition to IP Pragmatics as well as IPRIS.

“We are delighted to welcome Lara to the IPRIS team and look forward to offering our client centred and high value patent, design and trademark renewals portal and service to new clients in South Africa, with local support in Cape Town” said Ronnie Georghiou, Executive Director, Services at IP Pragmatics.

If you are based in South Africa and would like more information on global patent renewals, European patent validation or any other IPRIS services, please email Lara

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October 2016

Changes to Indian trade mark official fees

The Indian Trademark Rules are set to undergo some changes in the near future and the proposed amendments envisage, amongst others, a 100% increase in the official filing, renewal and other fees.

September 2016

Indonesia’s new patent law

Indonesia’s new patent law came into effect in August 2017 and seeks to improve the country’s patent regime. The new legislative framework will only apply to applications filed after the commencement of the new law.

There are a number of key changes included in the new legislation including the allowance of patents related to computer programs where technical effect can be demonstrated as well as the patent holder’s obligation to use the patent in Indonesia.

With regard to renewal fees, the new law provides a shorter grace period compared to the previous grace period of three years. However, patent holders can request an extension of up to 12 months if filed at least seven days before the due date along with the appropriate extension fee.

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August 2016

IPRIS expands IPR renewals services to Korea

London, United Kingdom, 31-Aug-2016

The IP Pragmatics Ltd and IPRIS AG partnership is pleased to announce the expansion of IPRIS into South Korea through the appointment of Minjoon Kim as the official IPRIS sales representative for this territory.

IPRIS AG is an intellectual property management company which provides renewals services for patents, trademarks and design rights as well as PCT nationalisation and European validation services. A joint venture was formed between IP Pragmatics and IPRIS in 2005 in order to expand IPRIS’ portfolio of services in the U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand and build on their existing global client base.

Minjoon Kim is an experienced business consultant with a track record of working with innovative multinationals and SMEs to exploit their tangible and intangible assets. As a diligent, business development expert who has worked in the US and Korea, Minjoon Kim understands the importance of high-quality business development and customer service.

“We are confident that together with Mr Minjoon Kim, we can offer a high-quality, competitive renewals service and excellent customer support to new Clients in South Korea. This builds on our experience of a successful and ongoing IPRIS venture into Australia and New Zealand since 2010” said Ronnie Georghiou, Executive Director, Services at IP Pragmatics.

“We are confident that together with Mr Minjoon Kim, we can offer a high-quality, competitive renewals service and excellent customer support to new Clients in South Korea. This builds on our experience of a successful and ongoing IPRIS venture into Australia and New Zealand since 2010” said Ronnie Georghiou, Executive Director, Services at IP Pragmatics.

If you are based in Korea and would like more information on global patent renewals, European patent validation or any other IPRIS services, please email

Notes for editors:
About IPRIS AG (
Established in Basel, Switzerland in 2004, IPRIS AG is a global services provider of IPR renewals, PCT nationalisation and European validation services to companies, organisations and IP law firms.

Through a decade-long marketing partnership with IP Pragmatics Limited, IPRIS is able to offer centralised, complete control of its clients’ patent, design and trademark renewals with unrivalled service quality and expertise.

About IP Pragmatics (
Established in London in 2000, IP Pragmatics is a UK-headquartered management consultancy specialising in intellectual property and technology with offices in London, Edinburgh and Sydney.

The IP Pragmatics team has in-depth technical, commercial and intellectual property knowledge and experience. They work with a wide range of different organisations from public sector organisations and universities through to SMEs and large multinational companies both in the UK and internationally.

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July 2016

Official Fee Changes at IP Australia, effective date 10 October 2016

Fee increases for patents and patent applications include renewal fees from the 10th anniversary in the 10th to 14th anniversary range; in the 15th to 19th anniversary range; and in the 20th to 24th anniversary range.

For national trade marks, application fees will increase, and renewal fees will increase. Whilst these fee increases are substantial, they will be offset by the removal of the per class registration fee, lowering the overall cost of obtaining a national trade mark registration in Australia.

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February 2016

European Patent Office: Increase renewal fees (about 1%) April 1, 2016

European patent application renewals due in April and May 2016 can still be renewed under the old fee regime