How it works


  1. An email reminder is sent directly to the client to notify of the upcoming renewals due. 
  2. Log into the online interface and make instructions to the IPRIS team to renew, abandon, or allow the case to lapse into the grace period. 
  3. An email confirmation and invoice will be sent to you verifying receipt of your instructions.
  4. The IPRIS team then act upon these instructions and keep a record of the renewal confirmation from the patent office. 
  5. When complete, the confirmation can be viewed on the online interface.

Frequently our clients will have core technologies which they wish to place under automatic renewal. This is also possible and the team will carry out the renewals and invoice accordingly with no requirement for a client instruction. 


Transferring patent data to IPRIS

IPRIS is flexible about the initial transfer of patent data, which can usually happen in two ways. Either the client supplies a full electronic list of the formalities information associated with each patent. These will be pending applications and granted cases. The IPRIS team will then audit the information and upload it to our systems. Alternatively if the client prefers to supply IPRIS with the data as the renewal reminders come through from their current provider, this is also possible.

For applications pending grant, the team receives notification from the client or patent attorney for the changes in status. The IPRIS system will also alert the team of likely decision dates. The operation of this relationship with the client and their patent attorney is well practised by the IPRIS team.