How IPRIS Nationalisations Work

It’s easy to start using IPRIS services

All we need for a nationalisation quote is the PCT number and a list of the countries you wish to nationalise in. We will then provide you with the costs of the translations into the official languages of the countries listed and the IPRIS and local agent fees.

Once the quote is accepted, IPRIS coordinates the translators and local representatives and handles official communication and paperwork on behalf of the client. Power of Attorney forms are required in some countries. IPRIS will collect and send you all the forms in one delivery to sign and return to us. In order to speed up the process, scanned copies of the Power of Attorney forms may be sent to IPRIS via email whilst the originals are in the post.


When to instruct IPRIS

IPRIS gives you flexibility and time to consider whether you want to continue with an application and which countries you would like to nationalise in. You can instruct IPRIS as early as you like after the filing of your PCT application however, we understand that with most applications, the decision to continue and designation of countries take place closer to the 30 month deadline. Therefore, if translations need to be carried out, instructions to IPRIS can be given as late as 3 months before the 30 month deadline.

In the event that you only require the documents filed at the national patent offices, instructing IPRIS a week before the 30 month deadline would be sufficient. Though the IPRIS deadlines are later than most service providers with no additional cost, we can still process last minute instructions on payment of a slightly higher rush fee.



IPRIS can coordinate the entire nationalisation process seamlessly with your patent attorneys. They can be copied into all correspondence or we can liaise with them directly. Please note that you will incur the usual costs from your patent attorney which are beyond IPRIS’s control. However, we can ensure that the costs of translation and filing, including the reasonable IPRIS service fee, are presented to you upfront.

If required, the local representatives can be instructed to send translations of Office Actions and their comments, or just the translations, directly to you depending on the level of your in-house IP expertise. IPRIS can phase-out during this stage meaning that the IPRIS service fee will be lower and you would have direct contact with the local representative, avoiding additional patent attorney fees.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a single point of contact, IPRIS can be the go-between for a one-off fee included in the initial quote. In this situation, IPRIS will continue to coordinate the patent prosecution phase on your behalf and will be available for any queries you may have through the entire process. No unnecessary and unanticipated patent attorney costs would be incurred.

These are all examples of the type of services we have provided however, if you require a different service, we would be happy to meet your needs.



After IPRIS has taken your application through the PCT National Phase, we can process the renewals for your national applications and provide you with additional and continued cost savings. For European patent applications IPRIS can also process your validations which, like nationalisations, are a significant cost in a patent’s lifetime.

We build a relationship with all our clients and take the time to understand their patent service needs based on their current patent portfolio. You can continue to manage upcoming and future PCT nationalisations and European validations through an online interface and the IPRIS team can tailor your account to also incorporate all your patent renewals.

The online system can also include patent applications that do not require renewal such as PCT applications, US patents in certain years and pending applications in some countries. This enables you to manage your entire patent portfolio through a single online system.