Benefits of IPRIS Nationalisation Services

Benefits for existing IPRIS renewals clients

As an existing renewals client, if you send us the details of your PCT applications, we can add them to your online account allowing you to view and manage your entire portfolio on the IPRIS system. The second benefit is that we can monitor and send you notifications for nationalisation deadlines and can offer you a quote for nationalisation ahead of time. After nationalisation, your subsequent renewals would seamlessly be integrated with your existing renewals portfolio.

For European patent applications, we recommend that your patent attorneys process the entry into regional phase as they will be the ones to prosecute the patent application at the EPO – unlike other countries where a new patent attorney will be appointed in any case.


Cost saving

IPRIS has a small number of longstanding and strategic relationships with an experienced network of translation providers and local patent attorneys. Using these single suppliers has allowed us to create value savings through the high volume of cases we process.

With the IPRIS nationalisation service, you only pay for the level of service you require. There are different fee tiers depending on IPRIS’ degree of involvement before and after filing the national applications. However, the quoted fee is an all-inclusive fixed fee so you can rest assured that no additional costs will be incurred.

For an example of the type of service levels please refer to the paragraph on Customisation on the ‘How it works’ page.


Quality and service

The translation service providers employed by IPRIS are industry-leaders in their field and are used by well-known patent attorneys and agencies. This way we can ensure that each patent is translated by native speakers of the target language and that have the relevant technical knowledge in the field of the patent.

The local patent attorneys we use are amongst the best in their respective countries ensuring your national patent applications are in safe hands during the filing process and continuing on into the Examination processes in each individual country.


Tailored to fit your needs

IPRIS can take you through the Nationalisation process from the initial translations to the grant stage. However, we offer a fully customised service with any combination of the following stages:

  • Translation into the official language of the designated countries
  • Filing translations and payment of national patent office fees
  • Patent prosecution in the separate countries through a local patent attorney

This is a broad outline of the stages, we can offer much more in terms of support and service. Get in touch to see exactly how we can help you.