About Patent Renewals and Validation Services

The high value patent renewals and validation services offered by the IPRIS team is efficient and client centred.

The IPRIS IP services cover the global payment of patent and trademark maintenance fees for patent renewals, as well as fees and translations for the nationalisation and validation of European patents.


How IPRIS can help you

The IPRIS patent renewals and validation services are used by small and medium sized companies; universities, research organisations and patent attorney practices. The advantages of hands on, expert technical support as well as competitive service fee charges provide a customised solution to address your internal patent and trademark administration requirements. 


Alternative solution for patent renewals and validations

IPRIS offers an alternative to using attorney time for these formalities duties, and for streamlining in-house management. IPRIS’ online client interface allows for simple, around the clock access to your patent and trademark portfolio for instructing case renewals and validations worldwide. Clients benefit from full time support in the UK, Switzerland and Australia. 


How IPRIS operate

Compliance of client instructions and patent renewal reminders is our highest priority. Operating a fast, deadline-oriented, precise and confidential system for processing client instructions is the central goal of the IPRIS team. 

The IPRIS client holding records are housed in three separate databases. These are all run and backed up independently. This three part system, with each running in parallel, allows for cross-checking of all the patent formalities data, and ensures rigorous safety back up. 

Clients can contact the IPRIS team via their personalised online system or, for direct support, to a single point of contact via email, phone or fax.